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Please note that my books contain explicit sexual material, including women who have sex for money, first-time sex, masturbation, oral sex, anal play, FF sex, MMFF, MFM, and MFF menage, voyeurism, and more. If you are under 18 or this type of content offends you, please close this browser window.

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Arnav’s American Adventures

AAA03_300x450Book 3: The Older Woman

Although Arnav misses Sharmila, he’s pleased to learn that he’ll be sharing an office with a sensual older woman, Melissa. He soon finds out that he enjoys spending time with her, but she’s different from the other women he’s met. What will Arnav do when he has a chance to get Melissa in bed at last?

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AAA02_300x450Book 2: International Pleasures

Arnav’s adventures continue when his gorgeous Puerto Rican neighbor needs help with her computer. Next, his appointment with the international student advisor takes an unexpected turn when she asks him about his experience as an underwear model. Will Arnav be able to choose between two incredibly hot women?

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AAA01_300x450Book 1: Coming to America

Arnav looks forward to his new life as a graduate student in America, although he will miss a few things about Mumbai. Fortunately, a sexy flight attendant provides a distraction that helps him cope. When Arnav arrives at the airport, he runs into a problem with his immigration paperwork. Will he be able to give the immigration officer what she needs?

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