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Please note that my books contain explicit sexual material, including women who have sex for money, first-time sex, masturbation, oral sex, anal play, FF sex, MMFF, MFM, and MFF menage, voyeurism, and more. If you are under 18 or this type of content offends you, please close this browser window.

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Nurses at PlayBook 9: Nurses at Play

Chloe needs to relieve her tension after a long day as a nurse at a city hospital. She has her eye on Vicki, who recently joined the nursing staff, and she’s thrilled when Vicki surprises her in the shower. What new experiences does Vicki have in mind when she invites Chloe over for dinner?

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Steamy Sapphic Stories

Her Initiation into a SororityBook 8: Her Initiation into a Sorority

Even before she started college, Amber knew she wanted to join a sorority. One in particular stood out—one of the first LGBTQ-friendly sororities in the country. Amber meets a beautiful, charming blonde named Leah during rush. Will Amber get a bid from the sorority of her choice, and make her dreams—and fantasies—come true?

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Her First Time with an Older WomanBook 7: Her First Time with an Older Woman

Katie Walsh is Erin’s best friend, but Erin is keeping a secret: she has a crush on Mrs. Walsh. When Mrs. Walsh gets a divorce, Erin is thrust into the role of confidante. Will Erin fulfill her fantasies at last?

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