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Please note that my books contain explicit sexual material, including women who have sex for money, first-time sex, masturbation, oral sex, anal play, FF sex, MMFF, MFM, and MFF menage, voyeurism, and more. If you are under 18 or this type of content offends you, please close this browser window.

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Steamy Sapphic Stories

NCA_Master_01-06Book 2: The First Time: Best Friends Forever

Nicole is devastated at the prospect of leaving her best friend, Erica, when Nicole’s family has to move across the country. In addition, Nicole just had an extremely erotic dream in which Erica was the star. Nicole has never been with another woman before. Will she be able to find true happiness without losing a priceless friendship?

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NCA_Master_01-06Book 1: A Massage to Remember

Tori is a sales manager who enjoys traveling the trade show circuit, where she can meet women for a night of pleasure with no strings attached. The long days of being on her feet, however, take their toll. On the last day of a show, her sore muscles prompt her to contact a massage agency. What extras will Tori receive with the premium service?

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BIO1_300x450From Mohan to Madelyn:
How I Started Writing Erotica

This is the story of my journey as a bisexual woman. First, there was my boyfriend in college, Mohan, with whom I had my first taste of forbidden pleasure. When I moved to the USA for graduate studies, my gorgeous roommate Madelyn helped me realize the true nature of my sexuality. How would I react to this new discovery?

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 MAI-NV-300x450The Life and Times of an Indian Maid:
A Sensual Journey (An Erotic Biography)

Sameera lives in the chawls with her mother and siblings. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Sameera begins her life as a maid, to help support the family. The agency that she joins tells her that, sometimes, the men of the house will want a few extra services.

She confides in her best friend, Sunil, who offers to educate her by showing her a video. It’s the beginning of a series of adventures, as Sameera awakens to her body’s needs and desires. There’s Rajesh, the college student, who has no experience but provides Sameera everything she needs. Next, Sameera is surprised to discover her attraction to her female employer. She also helps a young couple experiencing difficulties in the bedroom.

Finally, Sameera lands an assignment serving one of the richest men in town. Her life seems perfect, and yet there’s one thing she’s still missing. Will Sameera find true happiness at last?

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