Maid in India Series

Domestic Pleasures


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Maid in India Books 1-3: Box Set

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MAI1_300x450Book 1: The Billionaire and the Maid

Rahul Manjrekar is used to being in charge. At twenty-eight, he’s one of India’s youngest billionaires. Yet, when Rahul hires a new maid to take care of his luxurious penthouse flat in Mumbai, he realizes that he wants more than just a cleaning service. Will Rahul give in to his passion, even if it means giving up control?

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MAI2_300x450Book 2: The College Student and the Maid

Darpana begins her new job as a maid for a wealthy family and is fascinated by Nilesh, a shy but attractive college student. They long to be together, but the lack of privacy in the Kapadia household becomes increasingly frustrating. Finally, they have an opportunity when Nilesh’s parents are away. Can Darpana make Nilesh’s first time one he’ll never forget?

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 MAI3_300x450Book 3: The Cheating Husband and the Maid

For the past year, Manish and Neha’s marriage has been falling apart. Frustrated by Neha’s lack of interest in the bedroom, Manish turns to the new maid, Tanvi, for comfort. Although Tanvi offers him pleasure beyond anything he’s imagined, Manish is wracked with guilt afterward. What will Neha do when she learns of Manish’s indiscretion?

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MIX01Box_300x450Indian Desi Erotica Mega Bundle (Indian Sex Stories: Maid, First Time, Cheating Wife, Medical)

This collection of 12 spicy Indian stories is sure to have something for everyone. The explicit tales cover a variety of situations, including sexy Indian maids and their employers, college students’ first-time experiences, bored housewives who cheat on their husbands, and doctors who provide very personal services. The bundle contains four collections with three stories each.

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