Indian Lesbian Erotica Series Vol. 2

Genuine lesbian erotica!

No men involved, unlike many books categorized as “lesbian” erotica on Amazon and other stores!

ILE13_300x450Book 13: Payal Meets the Maid

Payal is overjoyed when her parents send her to Saint Jacinta’s College, an exclusive women’s college in a remote hill station between Mumbai and Pune. However, she discovers that making a special friend isn’t as easy as she thought, so Payal has to be content with her fantasies. One morning, she meets the maid in charge of cleaning her hostel room. Will Payal have the courage to act on her forbidden desires?

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ILE14_300x450 Book 14: Kanchana Helps Her Best Friend

Kanchana is concerned about her best friend, Aditi, who’s having problems at home. When Aditi decides to divorce her cheating husband and has nowhere to turn for help, Kanchana offers Aditi a place in her own home. Despite Kanchana’s long-standing attraction to Aditi, she resolves not to let anything get in the way of their friendship. How will Kanchana respond when Aditi’s curiosity gets the better of her?

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