Indian Medical Erotica Series

These Doctors Can Cure Anything!

DOC_Box_300x450 Indian Medical Erotica Books 1-3: Box Set

This special edition box set contains three stories in one book.

1. Rohini’s New Doctor and His Assistant

2. Doctor Sheela’s First Patient

3. The Spirit Doctor’s Healing Touch

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DOC1_300x450Book 1: Rohini’s New Doctor and His Assistant

Rohini is upset when she finds out her regular doctor is unavailable, but her irritation quickly fades when she’s captivated by the new doctor’s charms. After the doctor helps her with her marital problems, Rohini decides to make another appointment as soon as she can. When Rohini meets the handsome medical student who is assisting the doctor, she can’t believe her luck. Will the two men have the cure that Rohini needs?

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DOC2_300x450Book 2: Doctor Sheela’s First Patient

Sheela is excited about her new job as a doctor helping people with sexual problems. However, she finds it difficult to maintain her professional manner when Vivek, her first patient, discusses his issues. Can Sheela’s treatment help Vivek delay his pleasure so he can satisfy a woman?

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DOC3_300x450Book 3: The Spirit Doctor’s Healing Touch

Newlyweds Jayant and Kalpana can’t believe the great deal they get on an old bungalow in Bandra, but Kalpana soon learns that the house has another kind of price. The apparition that visits her when Jayant is away can give her what Jayant can’t—satisfaction in bed. Encouraged by her friend, Kalpana visits a medical doctor who also specializes in paranormal activity. Will the doctor’s treatment be able to solve Kalpana’s problems—both human and ghostly?

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Now available! The complete collection:

MIX01Box_300x450Indian Desi Erotica Mega Bundle (Indian Sex Stories: Maid, First Time, Cheating Wife, Medical)

This collection of 12 spicy Indian stories is sure to have something for everyone. The explicit tales cover a variety of situations, including sexy Indian maids and their employers, college students’ first-time experiences, bored housewives who cheat on their husbands, and doctors who provide very personal services. The bundle contains four collections with three stories each.

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