Indian Cheating Wife Series

Bored Housewives Who Want More!

CIWBox13_300x450 Indian Cheating Wife Books 1-3: Box Set

This special edition box set contains three stories in one book.

1. Driving Mrs. Desi

2. Her First Massage

3. Her Husband’s Best Friend

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  CIW1_300x450Book 1: Driving Mrs. Desi

Trapped in a loveless arranged marriage, Nirmala grows accustomed to taking care of her own needs. When her husband hires a new driver, Nirmala senses an opportunity. After a long road trip, Rohan awakens every aspect of Nirmala’s long-suppressed sensuality, but she wants even more. Will Nirmala realize her wildest fantasy with two men—neither of whom is her husband?

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CIW2_300x450Book 2: Her First Massage

Ritika’s husband spends most of his time at work these days, and her needs go unfulfilled. When a friend suggests that a massage could help Ritika relieve some of her stress, Ritika has no idea what’s in store for her. After the first appointment, she has only one thought—will she ever fulfill her fantasy with two men?

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 CIW3_300x450Book 3: Her Husband’s Best Friend

Aneela and Sunil slowly drift apart while raising children and enduring the other pressures of married life. Now that their sons have moved away, Aneela hopes to rekindle her relationship with Sunil. At the same time, she can’t deny the attraction she feels for Sunil’s best friend, Ramesh. What will Sunil do when he finds Aneela and Ramesh in bed?

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Now available! The complete collection:

MIX01Box_300x450Indian Desi Erotica Mega Bundle (Indian Sex Stories: Maid, First Time, Cheating Wife, Medical)

This collection of 12 spicy Indian stories is sure to have something for everyone. The explicit tales cover a variety of situations, including sexy Indian maids and their employers, college students’ first-time experiences, bored housewives who cheat on their husbands, and doctors who provide very personal services. The bundle contains four collections with three stories each.

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