Nikhil’s College Adventures

Desi Indian Sex Stories

NCA01_300x450Book 1: Nikhil’s First Time at College

Nikhil is excited when he gains admission to the exclusive Thiruraghavan Institute of Technology and Science near Mumbai. However, he’s apprehensive about the customary hazing ritual that all freshers undergo. When Nikhil is taken away in the middle of the night and dropped off at the women’s hostel, will he submit to the women’s deepest needs?

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NCA02_300x450Book 2: Nikhil’s First Time with Two Women

After an incredible night with Kalpana, Nikhil longs to see her again. When he runs into Kalpana and Sonali one morning, they make him an unusual offer that he can’t refuse. Will Nikhil be able to handle two gorgeous women, despite his lack of experience?

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NCA03_300x450Book 3: Nikhil Gets a Tantric Massage

Nikhil’s mid-term exams are a source of great tension, even interfering with his sleep. His roommate refers him to a tantric massage therapist. When Nikhil arrives for his massage, the woman’s smoldering sensuality makes him glad he made the appointment. Will her unorthodox techniques help Nikhil find some relief?

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 NCABox13_300x450Nikhil’s College Adventures Books 1-3: Box Set

Nikhil gains admission to an exclusive college near Mumbai and experiences his first sensual adventure during the traditional hazing ritual. Next, he finds himself enjoying some time with two gorgeous women. Finally, he seeks stress relief at the hands of a beautiful tantric massage therapist. What will Nikhil do next?

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