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SFE_Box13_300x450Missions of the Impossible Books 1-3: Box Set

Five years ago, Jonathan and Abby made history as part of the first-ever deep space mission. Now they’re back, along with their companions, on a new, more advanced ship: the Impossible. Their mission: to explore the galaxy and recruit members to the Galactic Union after determining their sexual compatibility.

This special edition box set contains three stories in one book: 1) The Maiden Voyage; 2) Ready for Action; 3) The Futa Planet.

On sale August 10-15, 2017: Just $0.99/£0.99: Amazon US || Amazon UK

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Mumbai's Best Escorts #1Mumbai’s Best Escorts, Book One

The first rule at Mumbai’s Best Escorts: don’t get involved with the client. Sanya, who’s worked at the agency for six years, has to set aside some rules when an American businessman stirs up feelings she’s never experienced before.

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