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MCA1_300x450Megan’s College Adventures, Book One: Megan’s Fantasies

Megan’s erotic fantasies center on her incredibly hot teaching assistant, Ashok. Only the prospect of Ashok losing his job keeps them apart. When the semester ends, and Megan can finally make her dream a reality, she gets more than she bargained for—a lot more.

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ILE1_300x450Indian Lesbian Erotica, Book 1: Sonali and Kavita Discover New Pleasures

Sonali longs to tell her best friend, Kavita, how she really feels, but she’s afraid of ruining their friendship. When she finally reveals her secret, the results are better than she ever expected. What more will the two friends need, after they become lovers?

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Mumbai's Best Escorts #1Mumbai’s Best Escorts, Book One

The first rule at Mumbai’s Best Escorts: don’t get involved with the client. Sanya, who’s worked at the agency for six years, has to set aside some rules when an American businessman stirs up feelings she’s never experienced before.

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